Tom Myers, Ph.D.

Unleashing Your Natural Genius™ and Synchronicity Activation

"I am passionate about personal strengths-based approaches and positive organizational development. It's a perfect world in which people explore how to achieve their maximum potential and their energy/strength/spirit, while simultaneously supporting the accomplishments of an organization's goals/mission/vision."

I am a researcher at heart and a teacher in my soul. I'm an inclusive and innovative behavioral and organizational development advisor, educator, and leader who applies a balance of the mind, the body, and the spirit to help others. I use my impactful expertise in areas critical to personal fulfillment and professional development, and I help individuals to realize their best and highest selves, while also helping organizations focused on investing in people for increased growth, stability, and profitability. My diversified international career includes: government leadership, entrepreneurial ventures, and academia. For the past 20 years, I served as a Professor and Endowed Chair at Champlain College, where I applied experiential and strengths-centered approaches with all learners.

The intersection of strengths centered approaches and mind/body/spirit led me to do “deep dive” research into the strength-based theory and application of Jung's Synchronicity Theory--the phenomenon of inter-connective meaningful events in life. This research culminated with my doctoral dissertation, The Emergent Synchronicity Principle in Appreciative Inquiry: Seeing the Connections.

I am a diver and a founding board member of Reef Renewal, USA and live with my wife in Vermont, and we have two grown sons.


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