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Spirituality, Meaning & Purpose

In this 4 part podcast series, we offer listeners a better-understanding to develop an empowered sense of agency, confidence around their personal strengths, and find meaning and purpose buoyed with their ever-evolving spiritual foundation. Episodes: Spirituality/Transcendence, Belonging/Community, Self-narratives/Reframing, and Meaning/Purpose 

Reef Renewal USA

Reef Renewal USA, Inc. (RRUSA) is a global model that inspires volunteers to restore and protect coral reefs systems for future generations by using education, innovation, and science through grassroots community involvement.

Developed and implemented a search and transparent evaluation process to recruit, hire, and on-board the organization's first Operations Manager to direct all land-based and on-water logistics and operations. Additionally, curated and complied, and wrote the first comprehensive Operations Manual detailing the all aspects of growing numerous coral species in underwater nurseries, out-planting on reefs, and long-term maintenance programming.

Collective Engagement

Inspire and empower the workforce of today and tomorrow.

We designed, developed, and launched an interactive strengths-centered training curriculum to leverage the power of employees’ individual skills, strengths & talents through a proprietary, modular employee engagement methodology. This unique strengths-based approach results in a positive and lasting impact on employees’ happiness and professional fulfillment, improved performance and productivity, and significant savings with increased revenue.

Spotlight Vermont

Independently contracted economic & social impact primary research developed for the state of Vermont using the application of a Tri-sector approach: Public, Private & Social (nonprofit) sectors. This research culminated in the development of the "catalyst Project," Launch Pad Vermont: Creating a Flourishing Economy for Building and Growing a Career

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