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The TriSync Impact

We develop Synchronicity education and activation through Awareness (Head), Awakening (Heart/Intuition), and Action (Hand).

Throughout our lives, there have been unique circumstances and meaningful coincidences that have brought us to our current place in time. Psychologist Carl Jung constructed the word “Synchronicity” from two Greek roots: Synch (coming together) and Chronos (time)--literally, “falling together in time.” Learn how to enhance your capability to be at the "right place at the right time" by completing the TriSync Impact Synchronicity Activation Assessment. Download the Synchronicity Activation Ebook to get started. 

Natural Genius

Personality + Strengths

The TriSync Impact

Alignment of your personality (the who), your strengths (the how), and your purpose (the why)

Our gift is to help you discover your gifts.
All 8 billion people on this earth have the potential to use their “natural genius” to contribute to others and to the world! "Unleash" your strengths, talents, and potential for greater fulfillment, meaning & purpose.

We achieve this through strengths-centered advising & consulting to achieve personal and professional fulfillment for individuals, teams, and entire enterprises. We accomplish through multiple strengths-based applications: individual, team, and enterprise-wide behavioral and psychometric assessments, online and in-person 1:1 advising/coaching sessions, interactive presentations & workshops, development of custom-tailored curriculum, and the strategic design and delivery of organizational vision, design, and implementation.


Mind, Body & Spirit

The TriSync Impact

We "synchronize" balanced and research-based mind, body, and spiritual methodologies to help you to explore and discover your meaning and purpose.​

The Mind: The element that enables you to be aware of the world and your experiences within it. These are: your thoughts (thinking), your meaning-making (a positive focus), and your mindset (growth). Stacking and reframing the narratives and stories we tell about ourselves, about our life, and about others brings encouragement and empowerment.

The Body: Your physical structure, including bones, flesh, and organs. Develop your best and healthiest physical self that powers your life’s vitality and fulfillment.

The Spirit: Your sense of connection to something bigger than yourself and the connection to your community and your sense of belonging. It's a journey of the soul to discover greater meaning. Tap into your personal relationship with a spiritual connection (Synchronicity) and mindfulness to empower your full potential.

About Tom

"I am passionate about the intersection of Synchronicity and our Natural Genius. It's a perfect world in which people explore how to achieve their maximum potential of energy/strength/spirit, while simultaneously supporting their goals/mission/vision for a meaningful and purposeful life."

I am a researcher at heart and a teacher in my soul. I'm an inclusive and innovative behavioral and organizational development advisor, educator, and leader who applies a balance of the mind, the body, and the spirit to help others. I use my impactful expertise in areas critical to personal fulfillment and professional development, and I help individuals to realize their best and highest selves, while also helping organizations focused on investing in people for increased growth, stability, and profitability. My diversified international career includes: government leadership, entrepreneurial ventures, and academia. For the past 20 years, I served as a Professor and Endowed Chair at Champlain College, where I applied experiential and strengths-centered approaches with all learners.

The intersection of strengths centered approaches and mind/body/spirit led me to do “deep dive” research into the strength-based theory and application of Jung's Synchronicity Theory--the phenomenon of inter-connective meaningful events in life. This research culminated with my doctoral dissertation, The Emergent Synchronicity Principle in Appreciative Inquiry: Seeing the Connections.

I am a diver and a founding board member of Reef Renewal USA and live with my wife in Vermont, and we have two grown sons.


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