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Mel Robbins

Watch AND listen to Dr. Myers discuss his work on Synchronicity with Mel Robbins on Mel's YouTube Channel. Together, we discuss my research and activation of Synchronicity and how it will change your life with a few simple steps.

And you can listen to me and Mel on the Mel Robbins Podcast, the #1 Educational Podcast in the world.

Dr. Bernard Beitman, MD
Connecting with Coincidence

Cultivating Practical Synchronicity­
Explanations for Synchronicity vary. Dr. Tom Myers knows they are all around us ready to be used for our benefit. Build on your "native genius," your combination of skill and passion to find your purpose. Synchronicities will find their way to you.
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In this episode, we delve into the curious world of Synchronicity. Dr. Tom Myers shares his insights and experiences on this fascinating topic. Tom is not only an expert in Synchronicity, but he also has a passion for environmental conservation and is actively involved in restoring the coral reefs in the Florida Keys.
Tom agrees that Synchronicities are a powerful force that we can tap into. Remember, next time you experience a meaningful coincidence, pay attention, it might be a sign from the universe!
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The Natural Curiosity Project
Dr. Steven Shepard

Steve photographs, records, and writes about the natural world. He sees, he listens, he writes. Steve fundamentally believes that curiosity can save the world—so he publishes stories to make people curious. Ultimately, curiosity leads to discovery, discovery leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to insight, and insight leads to understanding. 
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Learning Life with Jon Tota

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