Do You Struggle with Inspiration as a Faculty Member?

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Actions for Successful Faculty Strengths-based Strategies

Identify individual strengths of faculty and staff members 

Make opportunities available to utilize those strengths

Faculty burnout is real

This is exacerbated by post-pandemic-related stressors and unrelenting work expectations from colleagues, institutions, and society. For faculty in K-12 and in higher education, this typically means doing more with less; it’s a combination that poses real and serious risks for mental and physical health.

Does this feel and sound familiar? I can empathize. I devoted 21 years of my life as a full-time university professor and administration leader.

I think of the faculty role as a “pinch point” of an hourglass: we feel “squeezed in the middle” as time never ceases. Faculty must maintain and deliver high performance standards of relevant teaching rigor, class content, and student development and evaluation, while at the same time, face pressures from above with institutional budget constraints, grant writing/winning, research schedules, and the ever-present promotion and tenure requirements. This along with a work/life balance. Whew! When does it ever end?

I can help

My gift is to help you see and activate your unique gifts. Through a combination of three psychometric assessments with analysis and discussion, I help you to better-understand your “Natural Genius™” (personality and strengths). We then align your gifts with a personal spotlight on new Synchronistic opportunities for greater inspiration and fulfillment within your classroom, at your institution, and at home.

Please reach out to me to schedule a free half hour introductory conversation to explain my process. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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