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Synchronicity is all around us. When we open our minds to those messages, signals, and signs, a directional pathway soon becomes clear.

Tom Myers, Ph.D.

Synchronicity Activation

     What is Synchronicity?

Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung created “Synchronicity” from two Greek roots: Synch (a coming together) and Chronos (time)--it's literally, “falling together in time!” It's wild... we have all experienced these unique "goosebump" meaningful coincidences. What is going on? Why am I experiencing these weird feelings? When we think back, we notice a series of Synchronicity experiences that have brought us to our current place in time and in our lives.

     Synchronicity Awareness in a Nutshell

1. Synchronicity events & meetings don't occur through a ‘cause and effect’ approach. Events, meetings, people, and resources appear “out of the blue." In other words, Synchronicities come to you and sometimes when you need them most!

2. Your inner psyche or your conscious thoughts suddenly become manifested and real in the external and physical world. Example: just as you're dreaming/thinking of something or someone, they appear unprompted.

3. Synchronicity messages can be communicated in the form of dreams, signs, and/or symbols. These may provide you with that perfect answer or the emotion that's needed at that time.

4. Notice patterns of interrelated Synchronicity events; you hear about the same thing from different sources within a short time frame. This can often occur in a series of "3s."

5. Synchronicity events can create a personally emotional impact and have a mythical or spiritual quality. It feels like the "Universe" is sending you a direct message. These are personally meaningful to you and they can be “life changing.” Timing may come at a pivotal life experience, such as a career change, a relocation, or a shift in relationship(s).

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